Board of Directors

The Law Animas County Emergency Telephone Service Authority Board (“Authority Board”) was established by Las Animas County in 1992 per Resolution #92-13 to assess a telephone surcharge to provide emergency 9-1-1 services throughout the county. The Authority Board is composed of nine (9) board of directors assembled from various locations within Las Animas County. The City of Trinidad appoints four directors and the Las Animas County Commissioners appoint five. Out of the nine directors on the board, four permanent positions include the titles of Trinidad Police and Fire Chiefs, Las Animas County Sheriff and Trinidad Ambulance District Chief.

The current board consists of the following individuals:

  • Police Chief Charles Glorioso – City of Trinidad – Permanent
  • Fire Chief Dave Bacharach – City of Trinidad – Permanent
  • Sheriff Derek Navarette – Las Animas County – Permanent
  • EMS Chief Gabriel Moreno – Las Animas County – Permanent
  • Mally Blecha – City of Trinidad – Term Expires 1/31/2021
  • Buddie Curro – Las Animas County – Term Expires 11/31/2021
  • Rick Kumm – Las Animas County – Term Expires 4/23/2024
  • John Jenkins – Las Animas County – Term Expires 1/31/2023
  • Michael Tihonovich – City of Trinidad – Term Expires 1/31/2026